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Revolutionizing Core Workouts: The Shift from Sit-Ups to Loaded Carries

Revolutionizing Core Workouts: The Shift from Sit-Ups to Loaded Carries

  • Riley James
In the pursuit of a perfectly chiseled six-pack, many of us, myself included, have spent countless hours performing traditional sit-ups. As a teenager, I would tirelessly do hundreds of sit-ups in my room, naively expecting to wake up with a physique akin to Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, as the years passed and my understanding of fitness evolved, my fitness goals shifted from aesthetics to functionality.

I now strive for a fit and functional body that can withstand any physical challenge, both within and outside the gym. As a result, my old regimen of sit-up-focused abdominal workouts has become obsolete. My CrossFit coach introduced me to alternative core exercises, such as loaded carries, which have since become a staple in my fitness routine.

This shift in core training is not unique to me. Renowned physical therapist Dr. Aaron Horschig, also known as Squat University, recently highlighted the importance of this transition in an Instagram video. He pointed out the stark contrast between training your abs for appearance versus training them for functionality.

In his words, "Loaded carries are one of my favorite ways to build this usable core. You can perform them in easy, medium and hard versions, all of which challenge your body in the frontal plane." Dr. Horschig emphasized the crucial role of the core in controlling spinal motion, which is achievable through stability exercises.

A robust core contributes to increased power output from your arms and legs, improved posture, and reduced risk of injury during heavy lifting. This enhanced stability can significantly improve your form and performance during compound exercises such as barbell squats and deadlifts. It can also help you generate and transfer power more efficiently during sports activities, whether you're throwing a football or swinging a tennis racket.

Among the various types of loaded carries, the farmer's walk is perhaps the most well-known. However, it's far from being the only option. Dr. Horschig advises finding a version that matches your fitness level and trying "a few sets of 30-second to 45-second walks". For beginners, the farmer's walk is an excellent starting point. The suitcase carry serves as an intermediate option, while the bottoms-up kettlebell carry presents an extra challenge for the more advanced.

The weight used for each exercise can be adjusted to increase or decrease the difficulty level. Incorporating three sets of your chosen exercise at the end of your next strength training session can provide a comprehensive core workout.

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In conclusion, it's time to shift from traditional sit-ups to functional core workouts. Not only will this transition help you develop a strong and functional core, but it will also significantly reduce your risk of injury and improve your overall performance. So, let's embrace this change and embark on a journey towards a healthier, fitter, and more functional body.