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Prioritize Comfort Over Style in Workout Gear: Vuori & Goodmove Review

Prioritize Comfort Over Style in Workout Gear: Vuori & Goodmove Review

  • Riley James
The world of fitness and health is a sensory experience, and just like a blindfolded restaurateur choosing cutlery based on feel rather than appearance, your fitness health clothing should be selected based on comfort and quality rather than just aesthetics. This is because while working out, whether it's pilates, parkour, or pickleball, you are extremely aware of your physical being, and your clothing plays a significant role in that experience.

Imagine running in shorts that keep riding up or socks that keep slipping into your trainers. Or perhaps you're trying to concentrate on your yoga pose, but the itchy seam on your leggings keeps distracting you. These are the moments when the importance of comfort and quality in fitness clothing becomes glaringly apparent. The right fitness attire can make the difference between an enjoyable workout and a dreaded chore.

Of course, looking good while working out is a bonus, and vanity does play a part in our choice of workout clothes. However, the primary focus should always be on how the clothes feel. For instance, a brand like Vuori, which initially started as a men's gym wear brand, offers fitness clothing that feels soft without being heavy, matte instead of shiny, and flexible rather than skin-tight. Although it isn't cheap – with leggings costing about £100 – the quality and comfort it offers make it a worthwhile investment.

The key to incorporating fitness into your daily routine is convenience. Opting for a matching set of leggings and stretch crop top can be an excellent choice for yoga or pilates enthusiasts. You can easily incorporate these outfits into your daily wear by adding an oversized cotton shirt or blazer on top. Throw in some loafers and small hoop earrings – which are more comfortable when you're on a mat – and you're ready to transition from public-facing to downward-facing dog in no time.

For high-impact exercises, comfort begins with the right sports bra and trainers. It's crucial to choose footwear based on your specific needs, such as ankle support, waterproofing for outdoor activities, or a lightweight version for staying cool. Don't just pick based on looks. Also, consider brands like M&S for sports bras. They are known for their reliable sizing, which is a great advantage when you buy workout clothes online. Their Goodmove sports bra range is also an excellent source of zip-fronted sports bras, which are easier and more dignified to put on, especially on a cold morning at home or in a busy gym changing room.

When it comes to fitness clothing, the base layers are what truly matter. Invest in high-quality leggings, sports bras, and trainers, and don't pay too much attention to aggressively marketed coordinating tank tops and hoodies. Your top layer can be an old favorite from your wardrobe – a worn-out cotton jumper with a loose neckline is perfect for warming up.

In conclusion, when shopping for fitness health clothing, it's crucial to prioritize comfort and quality over aesthetics. Whether you're shopping at a physical store or browsing through the T-shoppe online fitness store, remember that the right workout clothes can significantly enhance your fitness journey. After all, when you feel good, you perform better. So, choose wisely and invest in fitness clothing that makes your workout sessions a positive and enjoyable experience.